What Makes Luxurious Apartments Unique from Regular Apartments

What Makes Luxurious Apartments Unique from Regular Apartments?

As rapid change worldwide, people’s preferences and way of living are changing rapidly, including how they want to live and the houses in which they want to live and rely. Yes, as in a few years, it has been witnessed that people’s choice of living has shifted from regular to luxurious apartments as they want to adapt to the change while updating their way of living. Moving over preferences has benefitted people as their living standards have just upgraded, and it has also been a very positive step for Real Estate developers. 

Whether it’s a Villa, Row House, or luxurious flats, everything has seen a hike since Covid due to the high availability of these premium resources and has embarked a significant profit for Real Estate at the other end. Despite all of these factors that cause a variety of shifts among people’s preferences over choosing luxury homes, a significant fraction of society still prefers living in non-luxurious homes. Yes, some still decide on non-luxury flats over luxury flats in Ahmedabad for many reasons that affect their choice. 

Segments influencing people’s preferences over luxury flats in Ahmedabad to non-luxury can vary due to prices, amenities offered, and facilities provided. It’s most apparent that 3 BHK apartments in Ahmedabad are adorned with high-end conveniences, premium amenities, and quality fittings than regular apartments, which are simple with fewer facilities. 

Luxurious Apartments vs Regular Apartments 

Let’s dive deeper into the comparison of Luxurious Apartments with Regular Ones in detail with point-by-point comparison.


Interior Design and Features

Interior Design and Features are some of the most vital aspects that any individual looking for 3 BHK apartments in Ahmedabad looks for. Interior Designs are the base of any apartment or home because they hold up the tendency to become a one-sight first love due to being unique. You can even witness jacuzzis in luxury apartment interior designs because of the preference for using qualitative and premium products in all-aided facilities. 

Everything is wow and adorable in luxurious apartments, from window materials to floors to premium amenities to deliveries. But while looking towards regular homes, we can witness cheap material usage and no premiums in preferred facilities. Standard preferences over finishings, space issues with complexity in living, and no intelligent technologies are all you can witness at regular homes as they aren’t updated and upgraded as per the necessities of modernization. 


Investment Costs and Pricing

Due to being updated and upgraded per the present standards and with all the initial add-ons like premium amenities and deliveries, luxurious apartments or homes tend to be too expensive compared to regular ones. With an optimum finish, premium materials usage during the construction, and intelligent facilities, you can understand why 3 BHK luxurious flats in Ahmedabad are way too expensive, but at the same time, they are comfortable and long-term sustained too.

The Regular Home prices and investments are cheaper than the luxurious ones. The answer is that they don’t include any of the premium facilities or advanced equipment, and they are just a home with available rooms, floors, and roofs with limited amenities provided to live by. Also, luxurious apartments or homes are way more profitable and valuable in rental value than rental ones. 


Amenities Provided

Luxury 3 BHK flats in Ahmedabad include many amenities you have only witnessed or thought of in your dream. But in reality, each luxury apartment idea comes up with premium amenities delivered, such as – A Clubhouse, Amphi Theatre, Home Theatre, Gaming Rooms, Work Home Offices, Cafes, etc. Moreover, 3 BHK luxurious flats in Ahmedabad benefit their residence with dedicated paths for Pets, astonishing landscaped gardens, marvellous elevations, admiring sculptures, greenish pathways, etc., that are none other than a significant attraction towards passerbyers and visitors. 

On the other hand, while comparing amenities provided with the regular homes, you can only witness minimal facilities provided to the residence, including insufficient living space, gardens, balconies, sculptures, and the standard old chain lift. Not only this but they can’t be adapted ever with the high-end amenities that provide comforts at a very different level. Luxurious residences also provide multiple lifts so that one can be used for luggage and other essentials and others for the residents and visitors. On the other hand, regular homes are likely to have only one lift at their whole residence, resulting in significant chaos. 


Location Preference

As buying a property or investing in Real Estate, both are not for the present but for the future because the benefits of that particular property will be reflected in the future. You can witness that all 3 BHK luxurious flats in Ahmedabad are located at one of the city’s prime locations with every possible aid and assistance for the residents. From available commutes, future expectations of area growth, and medical and educational facilities to shopping malls and corporate places, luxurious apartments have a very deluxe location preference. 

Regular homes are located in simple and sober areas with only some basic facilities, and residents are too far away from the possible commutes or transportation, making daily life a pathetic living condition. Regular homes are likely to be in the areas where there will be development, not in the current, but in a nearby or long-lasting future. 


Size and layout

One of the most distinguishable and understandable comparisons between luxurious and regular homes is the size and layouts of that particular apartment or residence. Luxury 3 BHK flats in Ahmedabad are more likely to be larger and more significant than life in size and design than regular homes with complex living. Whether it’s 2, 3, or 4 BHK apartments, the flats with more than 1200 square feet are termed luxurious apartments, whereas regular flats within 700 to 1200 square feet are termed standard flats or apartments. 

In general, Regular Apartments are likely to be on 2 BHK due to their limited size and layout that only allows little space for a living. Luxurious rooms come up with astonishing landscaped gardens, balconies, and swimming pools, whereas, on the other hand, regular homes won’t even have the space for a vast terrace. 



Security is your utmost priority when purchasing any property or investing in Real Estate. Luxurious, updated, & upgraded apartments have advanced security features, including 24*7 Enhanced CCTV coverage, Video Door Intercom, and multi-level security. On the other hand, you can witness that Regular Homes have only guards, CCTV, and smart lock access features as the primary security source, and everyone knows that it’s not enough.

While choosing a living, you must be assured that you are safe in that particular flat, apartment, or residence because security is the utmost priority that you must consider as a vital element while investing in Real Estate. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Pros of Luxurious and Regular Homes Altogether?

Pros of Luxurious Apartments – 

  1. Living spaces are enormous with enough ventilation. 
  2. It has enhanced security and safety features. 
  3. Qualitative materials usage during construction. 
  4. Convenience is significant for daily commutes, aids, and necessary outlets. 
  5. Modern luxury living room with top-notch deliveries and facilities. 

Pros of Regular Apartments – 

  1. They are much less expensive than Luxurious ones. 
  2. No waitlist is required to book your Home. 
  3. Perfect place for reserved people. 
  4. We have reduced maintenance costs. 
Which one among both is more comfortable? A luxurious one or a Regular one?

Both are comfortable on their terms, and the luxurious one is comfortable in terms of facilities, deliveries, and amenities; still, in regular ones, the manual operations look comfortable and connected for many. It’s just about the perspective and preference.

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